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Update March 22nd

Thank you for praying for us!  God answered, confirming to us the vision we have of a PK Reunion sometime this year.  The details of what happened last night on our flight to El Salvador are incredible but would take too long to recount so here is a quick synopsis. God orchestrated our steps, seating us next to a young man who had moved with his parents from El Salvador to the US when he was a child.  He grew up, of all places,...in the home of a Pastor!  Our conversation made the 3 hour flight seem like only minutes.  He shared that he grew up in the home of a Pastor, then fell away for a short period and how Jesus restored him.  Listening to his passion for Jesus, relationship, restoration of family and the church encouraged us that Jesus is in pursuit of those He called into ministry but have fallen away. Our conversation confirmed once again the purpose, calling and anointing of Raven Ministries. 

Today we spent time with two special couples in our life. The husbands we’ve known since first coming to El Salvador and have ministered together with each one many times over the years.  We were honored to meet each of their wives when God revealed “she was the one,” participated in both weddings and have grown to love them and their families very much.  Meeting with each couple today was such a refreshing time of catching up as well as mutually encouraging each other in Jesus.  We also met with another very special couple.  Again, the husband is a man we’ve known since coming to El Salvador. We ministered together many times in the first several years of our ministry here and he became like a son to us.  However, we lost touch with him for more than a decade. We reconnected with him last May and tonight had the privilege of meeting his wife and young son.  We are grateful to our Father for another blessed day of being led by His Spirit as He grows us together with brothers and sisters in Him.

We have been invited to speak at the 10th Anniversary Service of a non-denominational Church in San Salvador, Ron on Saturday March 23rd and Luan on Sunday the 24th.  We’ve known and been friends with the Pastor and his wife for the past five years, and Ron has preached to their Congregation.  

While in El Salvador, we are taking the opportunity as a lead trip for a PK Reunion to be held later this year if the Lord wills.  In 2003-04 we worked extensively with the teenaged Pastors children from both the San Miguel and San Salvador areas, totaling more than 100 young people.  Last May 2018 one of these PKs (from the San Miguel area who is now an adult and an associate Pastor) shared the heartbreaking information that many of his peer PKs no longer serving the Lord nor are they attending Church.  Their comments to him have been “we’ll go to dinner or have coffee with you, but we will not talk to you about Church.”  Sadly, this is typical of many pastors’ children worldwide.  In the years working with these young people, God gave us great favor.  One of them shared that many missionaries come to El Salvador, but we (Raven Ministries) were the only ones that cared about them as individuals within the Pastor’s home. 

Our plan is to invite the PKS, their spouses and children to share with them about the giftings, callings and anointings God placed on them through their parents.  

Our desire is that it will be well attended so we can share a Word in season to their hearts: turning away from the Church is turning away from Christ. 

During this lead trip we trust the Lord will lead us to those who are to be part of the teams to organize this event as well as to the locations that will create the environment for this seed to be planted. 

Please pray with us:

  1. We will allow the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts; that we will only do what He is doing and say what He is saying.
  2. The Congregation will have ears to hear what Jesus is saying and a heart to respond.
  3. We will know who is to be on the team to host the PK Reunion, and they will say yes.
  4. We will know where the two events are to be hosted.
  5. Thank God with us that He will, as He always has, provide all the finances needed for this trip.  (estimated $3,500)

update March 21st

We sat next to a lady on the plane. She was A physician, Catholic by upbringing, born in El Salvador and living in the United States. Very outspoken in her disapproval of President Trump and pretty hostile towards Christians who believe that Jesus is the only way to God and those who didn’t hate President Trump or supported him in any way. We had the opportunity to share our experience with Jesus, His declaration that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and to listen to her frustrations. She shared that her mom, Maria, has cancer and doesn’t have long to live. We told her Jesus is a healer and can heal no matter how impossible it seems. We prayed with her for Maria’s healing. Please pray that this lady (never got her name) is touched by The Way, The Truth and The Life and that her Mom is healed.

We had the honor of spending the six hours between flights speaking to a man who lost his wife one year ago. He is very aware of the grieving process and consciously walking through it. He’s sought and found some emotional relief through yoga breathing techniques and believes there has to be “a Super Power” that created everything. We shared our relationship with the God Who created everything. We exchanged contact info when we went to our separate flights. He said “sometimes you know people come into your life for more than one meeting”. Please pray that Jesus continues to reveal Himself to Damo as he seeks healing from the trauma of losing his wife.